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All our dishes are made of high quality , re-rolled, high carbon, non-magnetic stainless steel. The average contents are as follows : Nickel :5-7 %, Chrome :15 - 17 % , Copper : 2 % , Carbon : 35 %.

At our in-house facility for fabrication of Double Diners, we take utmost care to provide exceptional quality for which Ajay International is well known. The conventional spot welding which is basically about fusing together two materials has been replaced by the new modern technique of MIG (Metal Inert Gas ) Welding. Under this process, external material is deposited at the joints and heat is applied at the same time. MIG Welding is more than 10 times stronger than Spot Welding. There has been literally 0% complaint about any double diner since we started their export in 1982.

The Electroplating that we provide on our products is of very high quality. The raw material used is of very high grade and we only use the best materials available. Our high chrome finish gives our products the lustre which sets them apart from the ordinary. At our manufacturing facility each and every electroplated product is checked 3 times before dispatch. The extreme care and concern for detail gives our buyers exceptional quality.

We use 150 BF cardboard in all our master cartons. The professional packing of inner cartons and master cartons combined with the high quality cardboard used set apart our packing from any other.

Ajay International ---- Manufacturers and Exporter of stainless steel pet products

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